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Allt-Na-Craig House
a delightful hotel on the banks of Loch Fyne

Wildlife in the Allt-Na-Craig region

Argyll is an area rich in wildlife, flora and fauna, it would take us far to long to list all the sightings here, but below are a few to look out for as you tour around this fascinating area of Scotland. Or even as you enjoy the peace and quiet of our Drawing Room with one of the best Loch views you will get anywhere.


Basking Shark - Also known as “Sun Fish” for its habit of basking in the sun, and “Sail Fish” for its large dorsal in which resembles a sail.

 Argyll Wildlife - Basking Shark

Chequered Skipper Butterfly - Now extinct in England, this butterfly has thriving populations in Western Scotland.  It’s 2cm long and easily missed as it flies fast from flower to flower in May and June.


 Argyll Wildlife - Chequered Skipper Butterfly

Buzzard - A medium size bird of prey, with broad wing and a tail that is rounded when spread.

 Argyll Wildlife - Buzzard

Fairy Foxglove - This tiny flower clings to the stone Atlantic Bridge, crossing the sea to the Isle of Seil.


 Argyll Wildlife - Fairy Foxglove

Grey Seal - There are about 110,000 grey seals round the Scottish coast.  With their big watery eyes they are a joy to watch.


 Argyll Wildlife - Grey Seal

Grey Heron - This is the most common and largest of the heron family.

 Argyll Wildlife - Grey Heron

Hooded Crow - Impressive birds with its two tone grey and black plumage, these birds are frequent visitors to the Allt-Na-Craig garden.


 Argyll Wildlife - Hooded Crow

Lichen - These patches of grayish-white scales, grow as a result of the beautiful clean air!


 Argyll Wildlife - Lichen

Minke Whale - These are the smallest of the baleen whales with an average length of 8-9m. They can be spotted off the coast usually from about May, but sightings have been earlier.

 Argyll Wildlife - Minke Whale

Oyster Catchers - These large black and white waders with their long red bills are found in large numbers feeding on the banks of Loch Gilp and Loch Fyne.

 Argyll Wildlife - Oyster Catchers

Pine Marten - Sleek and muscular with bushy tails these are not always popular as they hunt the red squirrels.


 Argyll Wildlife - Pine Marten

Porpoise and Dolphin - These fun loving creatures cause much excitement when spotted off the coast.

 Argyll Wildlife - Porpoise and Dolphin

Puffin - With it’s clown like face these dumpy black and white birds are mainly found on neighbouring islands.

 Argyll Wildlife - Puffin

Red Squirrel - With their reddish-brown fir and chattering calls these adorable animals can be found in the pine forests that cover much of Argyll.

 Argyll Wildlife - Red Squirrel

Roe Deer - Keep your eyes open for these shy creatures.  They are often seen early in the morning on the hills.

 Argyll Wildlife - Roe Deer